Success comes in many forms

After publishing my handy book on AMAZON KINDLE  some noticable success tags. It took time to introduce the book to readers. Especially U.S. persons seem to like it now. Not without reasons. One actually benefits from Chinese vernaculars. They show the restaurant manager you KNOW and you cant be fooled.



Give me a broom and I will sweep .. This is the motto under which we re-start our new joomla.

Those who can recall our joomla was popular. In fact it had attracted quiet some traffic.

I was content so we did not do the upgrades as I was required.

Version after version, upgrade after upgrade. We were at 1.5.


Finally when I decided the upgrade it did not perform. And the page went.

I have the database file still, will try to reinstate.


We are back on joomla. That's the main thing. Hope this time it will last.


Rockiness is an understatement

Since using DRUPAL on a managed platform base, there have been some glitches.

For the first year there was almost no problem. Then suddenly the password did not work anymore. It took me some time to get around it. Not really sure if I have or have not succeeded in setting the password.

Joomla had some display issure dont know why this suddenly appeared and finally - disappeared - no input on my part was needed. Well ....

Such is the life of us who have to maintain all websites.




Hongkong females