or else what should it be called ?


When I decided to pay a visit never thought of a place others may find boring, uninspiring perhaps.


To me however this place brings out my creative juices, endless mind boggling sights of pleasure.

Architecture, landscapes, urban and country, myriads of things to see and indulge in.


No, some will say, there aren't any shopping malls, supermarkets, funfairs.

Just plain, simple Noto.


Culinary masters Sicilians as a culture, masters of defined gifts of nature,

all come into being here.


Well that leaves me to prove my statement.


As a special node, come and visit to watch a real godfathers wedding, see the Lamborghinis, vintage Rolls Royces, Astons, Jags,

you name them.



They have class here and its visible all around.